Technical Information

Working Features (Cutting and Bending)

Ø mm Bar
Ø 8 mm.
Ø 10 mm.
Ø 12 mm.
Ø 16 mm.
Ø 20 mm.
Ø 25 mm.
Ø 32 mm.


CDR 25 M
Hydraulic Group Motor
Voltaje del Control
Air Pressure
Volts Control
Capacity up to 6 steel bundles (more capacity under order).

(*) Width x Heigth x Depth
(**) Standard Dimensions

Metroline 32 ROTAR

The Line for Steel Rebar Processing, METROLINE 32 ROTAR, is an equipment composed of three independent devices:
  • Storage Device GRZn, which stores and does easier the feeding of  steel bars for the line,
  • Combined Vertical CDR 32 ROTATE, machine for cutting and bending steel bars,
  • Measuring and Pulling Device, METROTAB, which pulls the bars to the appropriate measure to be cut and bent, 
This set, works in a coordinated manner, especially Metrotab and CDR, controlled by a PLC with touch screen, and code bar reader (under request).

The METROTAB's carriage with pneumatic clamps, securely holds the bars to be processed and forwarded to the measures specified in the PLC, via the touch screen or via scanner bar code reader (available under request), to be cut and bent at the right time. 

Operation is simple and intuitive, with an extremely easy maintenance, and durability is ensured by a robust mechanical set of hardened steel and hydraulic high-powered, driven by a motor of 10 hp.
This model also has a swivel in its bending system, which allows, depending on the diameter of the iron to fold, offering the most appropiated bending disc, with its corresponding mandrel, with a simple twist of the cube. The operator doesn’t need to change the mandrel, just twist the cube.

It is a powerful and simple assembly that can cut and fold by a single operator a high amount of tons of processed corrugated steel per shift , with diameters from Ø 8 mm to Ø 32 mm, over steel bars 12 or more meters length.


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